Get Available Freebusy from EWS and PowerShell

Convert images on the fly with PHP

Sample code used to resize images in PHP.

Formatting and verifying phone number formats to message with PHP and Amason SES

Prepping the Environment

Using Twilio with ASP.Net

For the HandleTwilioSMS use a URL like:

For HandleTwiliPhone use a URL like:

For Decide use “widgets.HandleTwilioPhoneCallAPI.parsed.Status” then set your conditions returned.

Aannnnnnddd your welcome!

Using ClientID Get Property Sets ID value for controls

So my discovery today is an example of silly programming errors that I tend to supprise me.
Some of my controls in don’t have assigned ID’s. However using the code below you should see an example of one control returning the first IsNothing line without a value, but once ClientID is used it will populate the control’s ID so it will be found the second time. I recommend just using ClientID for logic, if the ID is not populated it will autogenerate it for you to be handled on your code proceeding after.