esp_image Memory issue with the ESP32 and Eclipse

So, I was working on a new project for a UC to trigger on a SMS message to a cellphone and during that time I merged my 802.11 Station code with BLE and not too much to my surprise ran into a memory issue. I had to deal with something simular with the ESP32. Luckly for me hunting down the soultion for my Eclipse setup wasn’t too bad compared to the partition tables I had to write for the NONOS SDK on the ESP8266.

“esp_image: Image length 1117524 doesn’t fit in partition length 1048576”

First locate the file in your ESP-IDF setup and confirm its the correct file.

You can confirm the configuration your using here.

Double-click the SDKConfig and navigate to the Partition Table. If your using the OTA option select the coordinating CSV in the Partition_Table folder or create your own custom one. In my case I’m using ‘Single Factory app’ for now.

Adjust the “Flash Size” to the correct “SPI” chip size.

Adjust the value of the “factory, app” line from 1m to 3m.

Save the file and rebuild your app and boom, WIFI-BLE 😉 !

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