Installing Impacet

git pip install –upgrade pip –trusted-host –trusted-host . <-- You may need to run this twice. pip install --upgrade pip --trusted-host --trusted-host pyreadline Python\impacket\impacket\examples>python

python install

Python\impacket\examples>python or Python\impacket\examples> Domain/Username:YourPassword@HostOfServer or \Python\impacket\examples> Domain/Username@ServerHostname -hashes E52CLMHASHGOESHERE168F41AFC3A96:3170221NTLMHASHGOESHERE937FCE3 Impacket v0.9.21-dev – Copyright 2019 SecureAuth Corporation

[!] Launching semi-interactive shell – Careful what you execute C:\Windows\system32>set

But you can really just use this

“ Domain/Username@ServerHostname -hashes :PUT YOUR NTLM HASH HERE LIKE SO” “ Domain/Username@ServerHostname -hashes :3170221NTLMHASHGOESHERE937FCE3” <–Use may use this site to test the hash.

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