Prototyping PCB Boards

So these last couple of weeks I’ve been researching Electrical Engineering from a PCB Manufacturing perspective and I have to say, Things are coming along quite nicely. There are some things to keep on the Radar though as you are planning these boards out and a lot of it is Electrical Lane clearance and also the thickness of the traces. I am currently thinking of building this as more of a breakout board than a single project. As I go I’m sure the idea will develop more =].
So a couple features this new computer is going to have is
Radio Communication over 415 and 315HMZ
GPS Abilities
I2C Communcation with a Gyroscope and 1602 LCD
Nextion Touchscreen Interface over UART
One-Wire Thermostats Polling for both Temperature and Humanity
IR Recv, and Mimic at any Modulation thanks to my collection of TSOP98200!
PWM Motor controlling via GPIO!

Stay tuned! 🙂

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