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January 2019 –

Updating VMware Code from Powershell CLI 5.5 to 6.5

Recently our environment has upgraded to Vsphere 6.5 Web Client. During that time our integration broke and we had to update our framework API to make way for the new .NET 4.5 PowerCli(6.5). Once doing this the update to the code was pretty minor. Public VirtualCenter As New VMware.Vim.VimClientImpl ‘This use to be VimClient but …

Creating Logic to receive a File as a WebServer

So Recently I coded this nice little piece for the ESP8266, It sends a Web form asking a User to upload a file to the web server, Now when it does it post the following command back

Hex translated.

We have to parse the data as it comes in

OCR Code adding Threading base Queuing per Yesterdays Logic

So this is amazing and was very much needed. I adopted our Threading Based Queuing code to integrate with Tesseract OCR to chuck out a HUGE WORKLOAD of processing. With the updated code a User can simply select multiple High Detailed images to render and then walk away, The Images are then all translated at …

VB.Net – Generating Multiple Thread's at once but Get the Results in ORDER!

Today I decided to create a custom workflow with Multithreading in such a way that results from a previous thread that was spawned first is required to complete before the results from the thread’s therefor after are rendered. In the example below I created 10 threads, Everytime Mod 3 = 0 is true, that thread …