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October 2018 –

Powershell: Crafting a powershell script to check for Litigation Hold

Powershell Viewing and Moving users from Exchange Database to another Database

A little nifty Powershell script I threw together to move users around as they get promoted to allow them to have larger inbox quotas. =)

Basic Analysis: Circle of 5th Major and Minor Scales

So during my practice of my Sonatina, I was in the Key of G Major, I was doing some deep thinking on converting it to its Parallel and Relative Keys, In this case, G Minor and D Minor. During this example, I thought on how that is the near order of the Major Scale. So …

Powershell: Maintaining Correct Permissions on a fileshare and Purging Old Data

Here is a copy of a nice little powershell script I threw together to help maintain permissions on servers.