Getting 3TX and 1 RX out of a Wemos D1 Mini Pro and the NONOS-SDK

So last night, I wanted to see if I could create three TX’s out of the Wemos D1. I was able to accomplish this using the TX/RX swapped to D7/D8, Pin D4 for UART1_TX_BK and USB-COM using TX (After swap is RTS / GPIO1). and Voila! Done. Something to note, With this change I then made my Runtime UART baud at 57600, Anything higher requires the chip to be accurate to a split of a MicroSecond which is difficult when as tiny as you can get us os_delay_us(1) which is a full MicroSecond thus jacking up the timing, at 57600 each bit is sent around 17.3US so being .3 off isn’t too bad compared to being off by .3 when only have 8US sleep time between bits, The error adds up at the end of the 8 bits that can really jack with your result.




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