Pushing Powershell remotely with DSC

Using the following code I was able to push Firewall settings to multiple machines.

Now the following script above will create .MOF files that will then Now we have to create a Pull Server. Well have to do it like this for Server 2008R2

Src: https://davewyatt.wordpress.com/2014/06/07/how-to-install-a-dsc-pull-server-on-windows-2008-r2/

Or for Server 2012

After the pull server is created I also had to make an adjustment to fix a 500 internal error I was getting from the above script on Server 2012 R2 https://stackoverflow.com/questions/24252635/powershell-dsc-pull-server-throws-internal-error-microsoft-isam-esent-interop

Now the last step is to push the configuration to each machine to tell each machine to check in to the web server hosting the MOF configuration files..

As you can see the machine is checking in every 15 minutes per our script.

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