Create a Dedicated Debug port on the ESP8266 NONOS SDK

So, The Wemos D1 Mini pro is the board I use to program the NONOS SDK right now currently. The downside is it only exposes one UART interface (UART0) and with that comes some minor issues.
1: If you connect an FTDI chip to this port the TX line from the FTDI is always HIGH and will keep the RX Pin on the ESP8266 HIGH and will stop new firmware from being loaded until you physically disconnect the FTDI chip.

2: The Line is not dedicated so sending Debug in on this line may interfere with other external devices connected to this line.

So the first issue is solved by calling system_uart_swap() thus swapping the RX/TX line with D7 and D8 for the RTS CTS lines freeing the TX/RX labeled pins on the Wemos

The 2nd one can use GPIO2 and use UART1 to transmit the data.

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