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June 2018 –

Pulling Data from Workday with powershell for Active Employees.

Grab a copy of Workday Powershell API here at GitHub and place it in your “Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules” folder.

Getting 3TX and 1 RX out of a Wemos D1 Mini Pro and the NONOS-SDK

So last night, I wanted to see if I could create three TX’s out of the Wemos D1. I was able to accomplish this using the TX/RX swapped to D7/D8, Pin D4 for UART1_TX_BK and USB-COM using TX (After swap is RTS / GPIO1). and Voila! Done. Something to note, With this change I then …

Pushing Powershell remotely with DSC

Using the following code I was able to push Firewall settings to multiple machines.

Now the following script above will create .MOF files that will then Now we have to create a Pull Server. Well have to do it like this for Server 2008R2 Src: Or for Server 2012

After the pull …

Create a Dedicated Debug port on the ESP8266 NONOS SDK

So, The Wemos D1 Mini pro is the board I use to program the NONOS SDK right now currently. The downside is it only exposes one UART interface (UART0) and with that comes some minor issues. 1: If you connect an FTDI chip to this port the TX line from the FTDI is always HIGH …