Creating a Virtualized application on a remote server local on your Desktop.

Creating a Virtualized application remotely is a pretty neat feature for locking down user’s that pretty much require Domain Admin 24/7. With this you can help streamline access from a Domain Admin user to a remote server sandbox and launch chrome remotely, I tested this on 2008R2 and 2012R2 and works amazing. Some minor Hurdles to look out for are: Objects marked Safe for scripting do not allow remotely launching applications on behalf of the user so you much use the “Unsafe for scripting” object. Second, you must only call “ServerStartProgram” after you connect to the server, not before. third, You much ensure fDisabledAllowList is set to “1” or you explicitly allow such applications on the server through an approved registry list. Check MSDN for examples/guidance. I tried to do it remotely with the AX7 Sub Routine below however it only applies to x86 and required .Net 4.0 to edit the correct key remotely but should be pretty simple. The key update does not require a reboot. Enjoy!

Now in the picture below, I’m running windows 7 and mstscax.dll contains a few controls to add. The control’s marked a distribable are for safe scripting and launch remote applications will not work, You need to use the “Microsoft RDP Client Control – version 8” without the “(redistributable)” in it’s name.

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