Workday and Set-WorkdayWorkerContactInfo

So currently I’ve been on this workday implementation team for a few months now. Because of the environment I am in we are currently a Powershell shop.
The task I am assigned with is basically conversion of the workday feed to integrate with our current Provisioning / PIM system along with uploading the generated data back into the workday system itself. One of the fields that need to be updated within workday is letting workday know what email was assigned in ActiveDirectory.
I basically landed on this…
It worked Amazing, However, the API it uses to upload an email to workday is via the “Maintain_Contact_Information_for_Person_Event_Request” API call. This will lock the Employee’s record to some degree so Workday has asked that I use “Change_Work_Contact_Information_Request” instead to update the User’s email information. I generated the following script below to handle the new API call from the workday library. Don’t forget you also need to add the “Set-WorkDayWorkerEmailEx” library in the PSM1 file like below to chain the new functionality from the library.

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