Alessandro Scarlatti – La Folia in D Minor Harmonic

So this was a piece that looked waaaayy more complicated then it is. So at first glance, it’s like Yikes! A lot of notes. So, Let’s take a look. First thing’s fist. “Moderato”, Play at Moderate speed, It seems this speed should feel pretty natural -The Wiki here seems to explain it to be at approx. 108–120 bpm Next, Key Signature. 1 Flat, So it’s F Major or D Minor. Not only does the start and end of this passage end in D, It also is made in Baroque time 1600-1749 also a very strong indicator of no Sustain pedal or Major Scales so the song can be concluded to be written in D Minor and REMEMBER ALWAYS HARMONIC MINOR BY DEFAULT!!! (Sharp 7 and in this case C => C#). One thing to highlight is that ‘C’ is not in the Key of D Minor but is a secondary dominate to ‘F’.

Chord Progression -> D, A, D, C, F, C, D, A, D, A, C, F, Trill, Trill, D

This progress is dept for the next three passages exactly, I will try to find the full song and post it here when I stumble upon it.


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