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May 2018 –

Generating User Deprovisoning Feed from powershell from user Inactivity.

Today, About a list of 1000 user’s was plopped on my calendar to audit and remove from our environment if not used. I throw together this script after adding all the users into a single text file and running through them and generated an output that would then fit into our Deprovisioning framework from Caradigm …

Autoit and Remote App Terminal Service Automation

So, Doing some exploring, I was able to remotely launch applications on the remote server on my own personal Winsta. From there I wanted to see if I could automate mouse and keystrokes. The full window (include children windows) seems to act as one class “Rail_Window” and doesn’t uncover the underlying Control’s / Forms. So …

Creating a Citrix like Session with Powershell and RDP

I think this is worth noting for me creating a custom solution for Sandboxing an Environment full of domain admins. Here are the interop’s if you need them, place them in the $dllpath that you choose. Interop.MSTSCLib

Creating a Virtualized application on a remote server local on your Desktop.

Creating a Virtualized application remotely is a pretty neat feature for locking down user’s that pretty much require Domain Admin 24/7. With this you can help streamline access from a Domain Admin user to a remote server sandbox and launch chrome remotely, I tested this on 2008R2 and 2012R2 and works amazing. Some minor Hurdles …