Certified Ethical Hacker Exam Application

So, Today’s the day. I am submitting my application for the CEH exam. To my surprise that actually care about your training and creds before taking the test unlike compTIA’s A+, Network+ or Security+ exams. I attached the link below for anyone who is interested in taking the exam. You require a minimum of two years in the IT security field, I professionally am going on 5+, so I at least have that going for me, and you need to have a Supervisor in the field vouch for you to take the exam. I’ve been going up and down pluralsight’s material and in a nutshell, it appears to be on the opposite side of the security+ exam, more on the offensive than the defensive. So let’s just take a peek at the cost of the exam…. do da do do do… $950!? Geezus! Well looks like it’s back to the good ol’ top ramen diet again for awhile.



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