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March 2018 –

Recording Screen with VLC or FFMPEG using screen-capture-recorder

This little Batch script is one of my favorites, I work with alot of different people that are non-technical and cannot reproduce issues on demand. This nifty little VLC script captures everything in a tiny tiny file and on average records about 6 hours of screen time in only 40MB of data. Not bad eh! …

Certified Ethical Hacker Exam Application

So, Today’s the day. I am submitting my application for the CEH exam. To my surprise that actually care about your training and creds before taking the test unlike compTIA’s A+, Network+ or Security+ exams. I attached the link below for anyone who is interested in taking the exam. You require a minimum of two …

Exploiting FindFirstFile on WebServers

So, depending on the version of IIS installed on a Server, the “<<” or “>>” can be used as a wildcard for browsing to files. This issue is at the DOS Wildcard level, Src: Stack overflow. I need to add additional information, I’ll edit this post when I get addtional time.

Working with HTML5 WebSockets and Live updates via .NET

Here is an example of a drawup I threw together to allow dynamic row updating.

Under the hood to send the data using .NET, Create a socket and send out data once connected to something like this.

Pulling Jabber Chat Logs

So this little piece came in handy to pull and archive away chat logs on the client’s local machine. We barely just moved to Version 11.9 and now it seems to have broken/encrypted the database (Finally) But for anyone else still running an older version…