Fusion 3d Relay Case and Hayward Hacked Smart Pool Pump

So for this project and try to convert a Hayward pool pump variable speed into a smart pool pump. My ultimate goal to be able to control his heater through my cell phone so one the way I can set the pool pump to turn on which would then in turn start heating the pool with a heater that’s behind it. I experimented a couple different ways with other pool pumps trying to hack RS 45 and replicate protocol which wasn’t too big of an issue however I wanted to deal with his pool pump because this is another one that I currently own and I didn’t want to have to drop another $800 to purchase and RS485 compatible pump. Sucker brainstorm full of it on a couple ideas I figure the easiest way besides building a hacked Servo to do button emulation pressing on the outside of the pump I would build a circuit inside the pump that’s protected from weather that would then trigger button presses. So first thing I did was I cracked the pump open, after cracking the pump open I found the circuit board that is used to handle the pressed buttons. I then pulled out my multimeter, set into the continuity testing and then started to probe the pins one at a time while holding the buttons down. During that time I found the court any pins that stimulated each button being held down, however I wanted this button press to be in or operation I didn’t want just my smart phone the control of pump or just the pump to be able to control itself I wanted either or to simulate the button press in order to do this I had to create a bridge, like I did with RS-485 protocol to emulate these button presses either internally or externally. Once there i had a minor issue I didn’t really have a place to fit the really I choose. So after pulling a fusion 360 I then designed a case that would then sit in the middle of the external plate of the pump and the internal casing. I expected that this case would be outside so I ended up crafting it out of ABS using 230°C extruder and 100°C hotplate (ABS from Hatchet). I did not use any adhesive to have the ABS stick to the plate for its first layer and everything worked out amazing. The 3D printer I used in this case was Bibo from Amazon and the software is a little buggy but then a day it does get the job done. I then took a trip to local hardware store got screws with the same size threading but longer in length and install the really inside the box. Later this week I plan on having this box installed in the pool pump and tested. The device controlling the really in this case will be a Wemos D1 Mini pro AKA ESP 8266. Stay tuned I’ll give an update and some pictures once I fasten this to the pump                

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