VB.net NeuralNetwork Code

I am currently working on getting this code to operate as a POF, but it seems if the sizing of the layers are not correct then the network will not work to begin with. This sample using 2/4/2 appears to work fine and once trained works properly.

Powershell – Caching Active Directory Get-AdUser using SHA and JSON.

Using this method my Get-user went from 86 seconds down to 0.0009 seconds the second time around.

Adding Queue support with Task that support Argument’s and Parameters

Proof of concept on how to queue items and execute them. Watch for memory leaks in this POC the GC has been tested and appears to work.

Hooking WSASend/WSASend/Recv/Send with Easyhook and c#

Use a version of Visual Studio that can clone the Git repository and add the following modifications to the project.

Using Google Calendar with VB and ASP.NET

End Class