DCA Virtual Webcam Video Driver Source Code




Webcam Video Driver Source Code, Allows end user to slip-stream videos live as their own Webcam feed.

As it comes, Compile the code, then run “DShow Capture” and select “Logitech Webcam C600” and click “Capture”

Once the capture is enabled, Use your local browser to navigate to “”

You will see the following interface below.

Once, Navigated, scroll till you see and place your video files you would like to slipstream into the coordinating folder and refresh the page.

“Place Video files in file:\[Folder Path Here]\”

A Button will generate with the name of the folder like above, once select the video will play and slipstream into your webcam feed.

You can also select “Webcam” to swap to the live video of your actual webcam.

Note: Some applications attempt to grab the handle to the webcam upon startup stopping the driver from capturing the input. To resolve this issue, Disable the webcam in your device manager and select “ResetWebCam”, it will locate the Webcam and reenable it on the fly and grab the handle before any of the other applications like Chrome can lock it.


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