Adding Custom Arrays with Jira API and C#


Imports System.Net

Imports Atlassian.Jira

Imports Newtonsoft.Json.Linq


Public Class MyCustomFieldValueSerializer

    Implements ICustomFieldValueSerializer


    Public Function FromJson(json As JToken) As String() Implements ICustomFieldValueSerializer.FromJson


    End Function


    Public Function ToJson(values() As String) As JToken Implements ICustomFieldValueSerializer.ToJson '

        Dim MySerial As New Newtonsoft.Json.JsonSerializer()

        Dim token = JToken.Parse("[{""key"" : """ & values(0) & """}]")

        Return token

    End Function

End Class

Public Class Form1

    Dim MyJira As Jira = Nothing


    Private Sub Form1_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load

        ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol = SecurityProtocolType.Tls12

        Dim settings = New JiraRestClientSettings()

        settings.EnableRequestTrace = True

        settings.CustomFieldSerializers.Add("com.riadalabs.jira.plugins.insight:rlabs-customfield-default-object", New MyCustomFieldValueSerializer())

        MyJira = Jira.CreateRestClient("", "YourLoginName", "YourLoginPassword", settings)





    End Sub


    Public Async Function CreateAndCloseTicket() As Task


            Dim MyFields As New CreateIssueFields("IS")

            MyFields.ProjectKey = "IT"

            'MyFields.ParentIssueKey = "IT"

            Dim Myissue As Issue = MyJira.CreateIssue(MyFields)

            Myissue.Type = "User Incident"

            Myissue.Summary = "test summary"

            Myissue.Description = "test"

            'Myissue.CustomFields("awd") = map[string]String{{"value": "NA"}}


            'Myissue.CustomFields.AddById("customfield_12002", "{""key"" : ""TONE-15751""}")

            'Myissue.CustomFields.AddArray("Location", {"TONE-15751"})

            Myissue.CustomFields.SearchByProjectOnly = True

            'Myissue.CustomFields.AddArray("customfield_12002", "[{""key"" : ""TONE-15751""}]")

            'Myissue.CustomFields.AddById("customfield_12002", {"[{""key"" : ""TONE-15751""}]"})

            Dim MyString As String() = {"TONE-15751"}

            Myissue.CustomFields.AddArray("Location", MyString)

            'Dim MyDictonary = New Dictionary(Of String, Strin

            'MyDictonary.Add("key", "[TONE-15751]")

            'Dim MyString As New ComparableString("TONE-15751")

            'Myissue("Location") = MyString

            'Myissue.CustomFields.AddById("Location", {"TONE-15751"})

            Myissue.CustomFields.AddById("customfield_10311", "x1234")

            Myissue.CustomFields.AddById("customfield_10400", "An Account Issue")


        Catch ex As Exception



            'Response Status Code: 400. Response Content: {"errorMessages":[],"errors":{"customfield_12002":"Location is required.","customfield_10311":"Best Callback Number is required.","customfield_10400":"Type of Issue is required."}}

        End Try



    End Function


    Public Async Function Init() As Task


            'Dim MyServiceLocator As New ServiceLocator()

            'Dim MyJira As New Jira(MyServiceLocator)

            Dim MyJiraRest As New JiraRestClientSettings




            Dim FetchJQL As Task(Of IPagedQueryResult(Of Issue)) = MyJira.Issues.GetIssuesFromJqlAsync("project = ""IS"" AND (""Assignment Group"" = ""System Administrator"" OR Assignee in MembersOf(""WG System Administrator"")) AND status not in (Closed, Done, ""IS Director Approval"", ""Needs Approval"") AND assignee = ""24556""", 100)

            Dim Fetch As Task(Of IDictionary(Of String, Issue)) = MyJira.Issues.GetIssuesAsync({"IS-462496"})


            Dim MyIssuesJQL As IPagedQueryResult(Of Issue) = Await FetchJQL

            Dim MyIssues As IDictionary(Of String, Issue) = Await Fetch


            For Each MyEntry In MyIssues




            Debug.WriteLine("Found issues count:" & MyIssuesJQL.Count)

            For Each MyEntry As Issue In MyIssuesJQL

                Debug.WriteLine(MyEntry.Updated.ToString() & " " & MyEntry.Key.ToString & " " & MyEntry.Summary)



        Catch ex As Exception


        End Try

    End Function

End Class

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