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.: WRT610N and the DD-WRT :.
By Nicholas A. Hall


	WRT610N, its a dual band 5Ghz/2.4Ghz router. It broadcast both 
true N Speeds on both Networks and has a USB port in the back for remote 
network storage it making it all around a great unit for its price of a mear $169! 
But what makes this unit different from the rest? Well for on its a Linksys unit 
meaning that the DD-WRT firmware loads on it great!

But whats so great about DD-WRT firmware on this router from the rest of them 
such as the WRT-54G unit? Well for one, This unit can be programmed to take 
ANY NETWORK around it and Braodcast it to N RANGE!
Indoor  70M/230FT  Approx. 	
Outdoor 250M/820FT Approx.

Q: Well what would be the Use of this?
A: As of latly I've been getting alot of request of people trying to get their Friends 
internet from across the street to share, And due to range issues. This unit you can 
easly program with the DD-WRT firmware making it into a mean Wireless Repeater! 
It can Join the two Networks together and make it as if you both are on the same 
Physical network!

Q: Does this mean I can basicly Steal my Nabiors Internet with this Device?!
A: Well, Yes and NO! That is ofcourse if you know their WEP/WPA if they use it.

Q: Alright, I got one! What do I do now?!
A: Follow The Steps below and you'll be on your friends network in NO TIME!

1: Visit DD-WRT Linksys
And Spot your Router!
then Visit Download DD-WRT Linksys
type in "610N"

2: Download the correct version you have by clicking it from the list!


To Be Continued...

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