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.: CNET's Keylogger :.

Keylogger Documentation
Definition: Keylogger (or Keystroke Logger): Tracking Software that records keyboard and/or mouse activity. Keyloggers typically either store the recorded keystrokes for later retrieval or they transmit them to the remote process or person employing the keylogger. While there are some legitimate uses of keyloggers, but they are often used maliciously by attackers to surreptitiously track behavior to perform unwanted or unauthorized actions included but not limited to identity theft.
This Keylogger is Intended for monitoring your own Network use at your own risk.
What does this keylogger do?
What Does It Record?
1:) Record all Keystrokes into a Logfile making it hard for programs to catch such activitys ("C:\Windows\Log.txt")
2:) Records all active windows opened and sent keystrokes with Windows API:GetForegroundWindow
3:) The Time in which the Keystroke was Invoked!
Q: How Does It Stay Alive In The Computer System?
4:) A: Once the Keylogger is executed it Automatically Copys Itself onto The Existing System in Another Spot and Adds Itself to multiple places in the registry making it very difficult to remove!
5:) If all but one of the keys are removed the Keylogger will check and replace the missing Keys bringing it back to the way it was before making it Almost impossible to remove enless all Keys are known and removed at once!
6:) The Keylogger makes a Copy Of itself in the C:\Windows\System32 Folder.
Q: How Does It Hide In The Computer System?
7:) A: Once the Keylogger has planted its feet it will then try to into a Stealth Mode attempting to hide itself anyway possible from Applications such as Taskmgr by disabling the List Fully!
8:) The Keylogger will take its window and hide completely so the user cannnot see it on their own screen making it Invisible.
With all this combined this making a worthy keylogger leaving no trace from how it got there and making it very rough to remove unless you know the following keys!
"HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows"
"HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon"
Removing the Following Key will Hault the Logger and Prolonger it from Running once the System is given a REBOOT!
To Install just run the Keylogger executable from a Flash Drive on a machine then wait two seconds then pull out and walk away!
The KeyLogger is now installed and ready to have you come back later to review the logs!
Let the games begin!


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