So recently I just finished Arabesque Opus. 100 No. 2 by Burgmuller. The song looked difficult at first but turned out to be actually pretty easy. First: By taking a look at the last chord we can easily identify that the song is written in A Minor. Second: The speed is fast pace using a 2/4 key signature.

The song starts with A minor triad on the left hand to start the beat of the tempo. This is something to note as sometimes you can go to fast on your left and your right has to go twice as fast to keep up, So it’s best to take this beat as slow as possible without messing up your timing. Next, it goes from A Minor to D/F then back to A. A Melody is built then it ends on a ‘E’ sforzando! Nice and loud.

The phrase repeats then goes into a fast pace left hand progression just like the right. Then is almost mirrored at the starts with an A to a D/F back to an A.

One big thing to note are the repeat bars to ensure you revert back to the correct bar to continue playing again.

and lastly ending on SF Fermata of A. Fermata has a long emphasis, so be aware.

A great list of symbol definition can be found here.

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