So, in my environment now we are having Isilon performance issues where a single file is taking anywhere from 20ms to 6 seconds in response time to deliver access to a file. I am currently working on getting Smart connect Advanced setup to get stronger control over our connects to our resource pools. We currently own 4 x210 bricks in our environment and have a file policy setup to replicate data to them for faster read access (SSD equipped). Now to my surprise while working with Dell it seems that if you create another pool, your x210 nodes can be a member of both pools and a virtual interface can be added to the x210’s so they then have two IP’s assigned to them. We can then assign a 2nd Smartconnect name to Pool1 and then point our highly sensitive servers to the new pool. This will give them a dedicated line to the SSD storage vs. having it fight with other servers on that same IP interface. I would be surprised if the difference was large but Dell seems to be pretty certain that well see an improvement even though it will still remain on the same physical devices.

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